Matter Printshop

Matter Printshop launched Local Matters, Montgomery, Alabama's First Collection of Local T-Shirts and Goods. Unveiled in 2014, the collection features hand-screen printed goods with original designs, combining wit and irreverence with a dose of Southern flair. Our shirts are hand-printed in Alabama by a screen printing process in our studio.

Matter Printshop is a component of Matter, a design firm specializing in brand identity, creative design, advertising and marketing, publishing, public relations and communications. We create identities, communications campaigns, printed matter, events, and websites for influential (and soon to be) brands, people, places, and products.

We are proud of our team and our diverse experiences because different points of view drive excellent results. Each of us are passionate about creating a more innovative environment. We bring backgrounds & perspectives from all over - ranging from London and Boston to New York and New Orleans - and know how to merge new ideas with regional and local markets to create cohesive identities.

In 2011, Matter expanded in focus and size. As Matter grew, our clients soon stretched throughout the Southeast in a variety of industries. This array is represented in the monthly MADE Paper published by Matter, and in Southern Makers, an annual event celebrating Southern food, design, music and craft culture, co-created by Matter in 2013. Today, Matter is expanded to metro areas of Georgia, Tennessee and beyond. Matter has been a lead presenter at numerous design conferences and events including CNU, TEDx Dexter Avenue, and Design Week Birmingham. Matter is a member of the AIGA.